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Always push your limits... Physiology meets coaching.  Wow!  What a marriage!!

AIM Coaching’s signature Zillion Series engages adults on personal growth experiences of a life-time. Out-of-the-ordinary adventure activities are followed by intense facilitation by a certified coach to create powerful insight and personal discovery opportunities.  Zillion reflects the AIM belief system that physiology and emotional health are intensely related and when we are pushed to  extremes, we have limitless capacity for learning and growth.

 For Organizations

Reward your high performance teams or inject some much needed energy when moral is down and your employees need a boost!  Your day begins with a gourmet breakfast followed by an out-of-the-ordinary adventure experience.  Your team will then have a 5-star lunch and an afternoon of deep team coaching which will feed off of the adrenaline charged theme of the morning experience.  Contact us to discuss your custom-designed day!

 For Individuals

Join other adventure seeking individuals on this 3 month self-discovery journey.  Participants gather as a group once per month to engage in adventure activities in the morning.  The am session is followed by a gourmet meal and an afternoon of facilitation which spins off of the theme and energy of the morning experience.  Participants will have 2 individual 45 minute coaching sessions with an AIM Coach in between the monthly group sessions.  The individual coaching sessions may be conducted in person or via telephone and they are completely confidential.  These coachings may focus on themes discovered during the group sessions or be used to explore any issue important to the participant....this time is yours to use as you wish.


What are people saying?

"Lynnette has delivered coaching workshops for our Women's Interest Network, and words like impactful, engaging, thought-provoking and energizing quickly come to mind. She worked with us to." Meghan Seybold, Organizational Development Manager, American Express click here to read more

Lynette was great--she was direct without being critical and consistently asked questions that brought me closer and closer to understanding what I

wanted out of my career.  Once tha......Veronica Brenner, Silver Medalist, 2 x Olympian click here to read more

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